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Imports Made Simple

DHL Import Express Online gives you full control of your imports. It is designed to coordinate effective communications between Importers and Shippers, with all the convenience of access via the internet.

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Important Information

It is DHL's policy to comply with applicable international trade laws including relevant export control and sanctions restrictions. In parallel with our trade compliance measures, DHL does not accept payment for shipments (or other transactions) outside of the United States in U.S. Dollars for U.S. sanctioned countries (i.e. currently Cuba, Crimea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPR Korea or North Korea)).
Important! South Korea(Republic of Korea) - Please update old six-digit postal code to a new five-digit postal code. (New Postcode Finder).

DHL Import Express Online does not support Brazil country as shipper from August 2013 onwards.

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